Picture of David Losert

David Losert

Freelance Software Engineer & Solution Architect
with passion and a focus on the web

My offer

Implementation & Consulting of all types of digitale endevearous - always exactly where I am needed.

Software Development

Due to my broad Fullstack-Knowledge, I can support development teams directly with code-development - preferably in the Backend and on APIs, but also functionaly in the frontend. I deeply value technical excellence by strictly follwoing the Clean Code- and SOLID Principles as well as using automated testing.

Solution Architecture

With a holistic view on the requirments, I am able to design the best technical solution for all kinds of Websites and Apps. With my experience of working in all areas of the Web since many years, I will always keep a good eye on the costs, performance, security and reliablity. I prefer to offer solutions within the AWS-Cloud.

Operations & DevOps

Development and Operations are going hand in hand for me - because only if code runs reliably and is deployed effieciently and automatically, it can create real value. Due to my broad knowledge in the areas of Linux Servers & Networking and CI/CD-Pipelines, I can work on both sides - all in the spirit of DevOps.


You can always contact me by mail, phone or one of my social profiles: